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Friday, May 15, 2009

Behind Blue Eyes

Great. How did I end up as the bad guy here?
Duo Maxwell - Gundam Wing

Well, now that that is over with.

I think it's time I actually let you guys know about something I did last week. I'm no longer a member of the Bastards. There was no falling out. I didn't get bored. I didn't find something better.

I got tired of being a bad guy.

My personality doesn't lend itself well to piracy I think. I can enjoy it in the moment, while I'm flying. I can enjoy it when I write about it. Then I think about it and realize there are real people out there that were just trying to have some fun.

A war's different to me, we both know the stakes, we both know the risks. I joined up with the Gallente millitia, but I've yet to actually do anything in it.

I'm ratting up my sec status in 0.0 right now, and making a fair bit of money doing it. When I hit a sec status that lets me into high sec I'll probably get back to running missions for a while.

I had briefly toyed with limiting the blog to a post a week, but I decided against it. My traffic is important to me.

My fiction will continue it's current arc, and this gives me some creative options to work with.

Expect big changes in Hallan's life.

Good Day.


  1. I certainly wasn't expecting this turn. Best of luck in your new path Hallan. I'll be looking forward to how things unfold in your fiction and new life in New Eden.

    May your sec status grind by productive, uneventful, and quick!

  2. Aha. So that's what you're doing. Well, Hal, you're one of my favorite pilots in New Eden, pirate or not. So I'll continue to read your excellent writing and enjoy hearing about your adventures through your blog.

  3. Welcome back to the side of truth and justice...wait a second this is EvE, what am I saying. :-)

    Seriously, I never could get into the whole "bad guy"/ pirate thing even though I hung out at the "Hellcats Pub" during my early days. I do, however, have an immense amount of respect for the skills of those who have chosen that profession. Unfortunately, even though I know "it's only a game," I just could never cross the line to being bad. It's a character flaw, I'm sure.

    May you have many future good fights and I do hope you continue to post.

  4. "Then I think about it and realize there are real people out there that were just trying to have some fun."

    Uhh... what? You made it so that they DID have fun. If people want to be safe and engage in no-risk PvE, Warcraft is that way. As long as they stay in New Eden, piracy is what makes the game fun for pirates AND their victims (although sometimes they just don't realize it).

    "I had briefly toyed with limiting the blog to a post a week, but I decided against it. My traffic is important to me."

    Don't post just to try and keep your traffic up, post when you have something quality to show. Your blog is one of the better ones out there, I would hate to see it degrade because you feel you have to post on some regularly scheduled interval.

  5. Well done pilot! Congratulations on taking the first step towards something bigger than yourself! Most pirates never understand that.

    Perhaps you and I will find ourselves fighting alongside each other on a more lasting basis.

  6. The way I look at it, you're (I'm assuming at least) paying hard earned money to play this game so why can't you play it the way you want? Ya people are gonna be upset, but they need to suck it up or whine back to Wow.

    You're paying for the game so why let other people dictate how you play? :)

  7. As Mynxee commented: you're one of the better bloggers out there so I will continue to read your blog regardless of whether you're a pirate or not.

    We're bad guys yes, but I would much prefer me to be that bad guy rather than someone else.

    Good luck with Faction Warfare mate; according to the squiddies - they've won their war already. I look forward to you fighting the good fight and may the Caldari fascists burn.


  8. Hi there as well!

    I guess this must have been quite a difficult decision for you. I hope you will still be able to stay in contact with the friends you made in your corp and that there are no hard feelings against you. I am sure the choice you made was the correct one! In characters we play it can be nice to try out other roles that aren’t that close to our heart (and there is an undeniably mystique about "bad guys" as well), but it is always nice to return to the role we treasure most/that is closest to our heart, closest to how we actually are.