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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Remember Me

My oh my,
Couldn't get much higher,
Lets not kick out the darkness,
Make the light brighter.
Dave Stewart - American Prayer

I try to enjoy myself.

That isn't to say that I fail. It's just, there's always some worry wart, some angry person, or some frustrated individual out there to contend with. I like happy people. Who doesn't?

Even at my most cynical, I'll always enjoy making people laugh.

So I sit down in my Rifter, and I peruse the system for targets. A Hurricane, a Rupture, or an Archon. It doesn't matter. If there's people online to hear my battle cry, I'll go. They get a chuckle out of it and I enjoy myself. People need to learn to let go more often.

The problem I think, is that everyone thinks I don't care about losses. I do. It's impossible not to in a game that measures success by the wealth you acquire.

I don't like losing ships to forces outside of my control or extremely stupid mistakes on my part. I don't let it consume me though. I deal with it and move on.

If I tackle a non-criminal Carrier in my rifter on a station, I know I might die. I've done it anyhow before and I will again. Free killmails for them? Maybe, but it's also free fun for me.

It's still annoying to hear that little voice in your ear(and sometimes on Comms) that says "Oh man, why'd you have to go and do thaaat," every once in a while.

I respect your viewpoint, little voice in my head, but you're wrong to ask me that.

It's like that one guy said:

"I'm happy. I'm not worried. I'm not fearing anybody,"

Don't just fly it. Live it.


  1. All I can add is a big ole 'Amen brutha!' Losing ships is part of the game, and can often be as fun as making others blow up themselves!

  2. Did someone give you shit about losing too many ships or something?

    I agree with you though. If you don't take crazy risks then you're never going to know if you would have gotten some sort of crazy or against-all-odds victory (or maybe just a funny loss). The key is just to fly what you can afford to lose which I think you have no problem understanding in a T1 frig.

    Nothing is more boring to me than people who sit on stations all day hiding behind sentries and the ability to dock or people who will not engage without a huge blob and guaranteed victory. YES, it is smart and you will get kills without dying but NO, it doesn't really seem fun.